Our company offers integrated security systems, whether human or technological. We specialize in security and guard work through sophisticated security systems and qualified personnel; trained to the highest levels backed by long experience and extensive know-how to give you peace of mind

Security today is no longer limited to the field of finance and business only, but now includes all areas of life, society, industry, trade, economy, science and other affairs of life

But the concept of security and guard has changed among citizens recently because of his true feeling that the security element is one of the most important necessities of life that we rely on him to ensure the success of projects, institutions, communities and individuals

And security guard became one of the most important factors and corners of the stability of your organization and your community

We provide security and guard services for all establishments (industrial and commercial – and tourism – and insurance conferences and concerts)

We provide security and guard services through the following actions

  • Guard and insurance of the facility against theft or burglary
  • Continuous security presence and vigilance at all times .
  • Provide the best qualified human resources to work after passing security tests and the availability of the required conditions
  • Training the security personnel on the advanced training courses in security and defense and how to handle emergencies and in the presence of risks and crises methods .
  • The company puts plans and systems suitable for the nature of the site after inspecting the work site by specialists and highly experienced with regard to all the public and private entity established controls.
  • We provide a unified, civilized garb appropriate to the nature of the work .
  • Care for activating the direct supervision and continuous tracking of individuals element on the site all the time .

Security devices used in insurance

  • Metal detecting devices
  • personal security means and defense weapons
  • modern wireless connection devices\ Portable Radio devices Motorola brand (TETRA network at the Republic level)
  • walkie-talkie devices -……. etc