The reason you should choose Hawks K9 unit to achieve your protection.

Regarding the important roll accomplished by our trained dogs in guaranteeing the banning of infiltration of explosives to the targeted sites by terrorists, and as an effective deterrent to whom might sneak to sabotage or carry out robbery
Falcon established training centre for guard & explosives dogs, in order to present preventive measures,& security procedures. And also providing guard & explosives dogs to secure facilities by trained security personnel (Falcon K-9 unit) by choosing best breeds .we are marked to actual training to real explosives & not fake samples, with different quantities.
For example & not as a limitation (TNT),(HMX), plastic(RDX),(C4),(PETN) fuse explosive, smokeless gunpowder(nitrocellulose),ammonium nitrates,(Semtex) & Black powder.

Explosives Dogs Service

The stunning development in explosives industry in addition to its vast technique  methods especially plastic types, which caused the deficiency of metals detectors equipments. This caused scientists to look for a substitution for metal detectors equipments, which is known as (Electronic sniffer).

Guard Dogs

Due to the lack of energy in Egypt even in residential areas, the installation of an alarm & control system is not enough to secure your possessions. In this case guard dogs & security personnel is the best choice.