Hawks Security was established in 2005 specially to offer complete security  solutions to its customers. The company provided numerous security services to great number of customers & facilities in homeland country, in addition to guarding & securing different residential  & professional installations ,and entertaining establishments by using latest equipments & insurance plans.

the company is marked for providing outstanding & complete security service, explosives & guard dogs, in addition to environment protection.

  • Securing residential, administrative buildings & touristic facilities.
  • Securing hospitals, institutions& sports clubs.
  •  securing entertaining places ,cinemas & theaters.
  • Securing factories, companies & public stores.

Our Target 

the company aims to establish a long term strategic bond with the costumers to reach highest level of quality & effectiveness in order to achieve the target, and to maintain mutual influence between the company & the costumers,and to fulfill  positive results  through establishing unified, firm basics that leads to transparency & trust;due to quick response,& flexible effective communication.

  • Earning our costumers’ trust & satisfaction
  • So we always present you the service & sincere help praying god to keep
  • Sincerity- flexibility to achieve your goals-trustworthiness & safety in work.
  • To be your partner in the success & singularity of your facility
  • Providing best service level with most convenient price

The Beginning

the company was founded on the work of security & military experts specialized in the service we offer through modern methods & perspectives & advanced work systems in order to provide highest level of service, and to find the best solutions & alternatives to the problems occurred, and also through qualifying & training & employing best human elements & activating the follow up roll & direct field supervision to evaluate the