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Falcon Security was established in 2005 specially to offer complete security solutions to its customers. The company provided numerous security services to great number of customers & facilities in homeland country, in addition to guarding & securing different residential & professional installations ,and entertaining establishments

Security and Guarding Services

Our company offers integrated security systems, whether human or technological. We specialize in security and guard work through sophisticated security systems and qualified personnel; trained to the highest levels backed by long experience and extensive know-how to give you peace

Guard dogs and detection of crackers

 The reason you should choose Hawks K9 unit to achieve your protection. Regarding the important roll accomplished by our trained dogs in guaranteeing the banning of infiltration of explosives to the targeted sites by terrorists, and as an effective deterrent to

Hygiene and Environmental Protection Services

We work on the implementation of all the cleaning work and services through modern and updated systems determined according to the site nature and its activities and needs Including  regular Daily and weekly work programs and non-periodical programs to maintain

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